American Masterworks of Howard Terpning-Paperback Book

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The Rockwell Museum of Corning, NY presents American Masterworks of Howard Terpning: Highlights from The Eddie Basha Collection, an exhibition catalog to accompany an exhibition of oil paintings on view at The Rockwell Museum, June 14 through September 11, 2016. 

Howard Terpning is recognized by collectors, western art aficionados, and fellow artists as a true master who has achieved a rare status among contemporary painters. His paintings demonstrate a unique knowledge and appreciation of the history, culture, and religion of the Native People of the Great Plains. Howard Terpning  depicts images of our collective American history, but harnesses a contemporary style that brings them to life for a modern audience.

The catalog forward by Michael Duty highlights the unique relationship between artist Howard Terpning and collector Eddie Basha. The symbiotic relationship that existed between Eddie and Howard – as a patron and artist – is a classical model. The exhibition and catalog showcases their productive friendship, resonating with art lovers, collectors, and art historians alike. The forward includes a scanned image of an illustrated letter sent from Howard Terpning to Eddie Basha for his birthday.

The exhibition embodies one of the key missions at The Rockwell by presenting a unique artistic perspective to audiences that have never seen Terpning’s work before. Some of the paintings in this catalog were publically exhibited for the first time at The Rockwell Museum.