Seabuck Cleansing Oil

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How does your makeup remover make you feel?

Typical makeup removers are created to strip everything from the skin—including healthy bacteria and oils. While it’s important to cleanse your face of the day’s and impurities, removing so much natural oil can mess with your skin’s protective microbiome.


Packed with nutrient and vitamin-rich oils, the Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil provides a healthy and microbiome-safe alternative for face cleansing.

While removing dead skin and toxins, it hydrates and refreshes the skin.


With your new vibrant complexion, don’t be surprised if you go throughout the entire day without ever reaching for concealer. 

Is Our Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil Right for You?

Are you searching for a cleansing routine that reverses breakouts and achieves long-term results?

The Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil is packed full of vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidants, and nutrients that are necessary for promoting the healing and regeneration of skin cells. It may seem counter-intuitive, but oil cleansing is particularly helpful for teenagers and people with oily complexions.


Your new favorite cleanser can:


  • Remove makeup, dirt, pollution, dead skin, and other impurities. 
  • Heal acne and breakouts while balancing the complexion and protecting the microbiome.
  • Improve skin elasticity and reverse signs of aging.