I have always had a deep appreciation for different styles of clothing, décor, and home furnishings. One of the things that makes me the happiest is sharing the things I love with other people and seeing the joy it brings them. I’m fortunate to have a daughter who shares the same feelings I have. We’ve been able to travel all across the U.S. the last couple of years and see (and buy) many different types of décor, styles of clothing and jewelry, and just all kinds of beautiful landscape that really inspired us to pursue our dream of owning a store together. We hope you will all enjoy and love Bluestem Mercantile as much as we do!

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Mama and I have always dreamed of opening a business together. Towards the end of my senior year in the agricultural communications program at Oklahoma State University, I began to explore various job opportunities. All the while, my entrepreneurial spirit kept whispering, beckoning me to follow Fleetwood Mac's advice to "go your own way." You can only imagine my excitement when I got the call from my mom last spring suggesting we should open a mercantile store together. Not only did I move back home to God’s country (that's northeast Oklahoma if you were wondering), but I get to share our southwestern farm style with all of you. 

Thanks so much for supporting our adventure!